Reference Samples Aluminium

Our standard reference samples are:

  • Pure aluminium RAL (ultra-pure) OES/SUS
  • Pure aluminium 99,7 Al OES/SUS
  • Al-Alloy 226 (AlSi9Cu3)
  • Al-Alloy 230 D (AlSi12) (Fe)
  • Al-Alloy 231 D (AlSi12Cu1) (Fe)
  • Al-Alloy 239 (AlSi10Mn)
  • Al-Alloy Silafont (FS36) (AlSi10MgMn)
  • Al-Alloy Castasil37 (AlSi9MnMoZr)
  • Al-Alloy Magsimal (AlMg55Si2Mn)
  • Al-Alloy AlSi8Cu2Zn (equivalent to Alcan Rekal 442/03 KA1)

Measurements of the standardized reference samples are:
Diameter = 50mm
Depth = 20mm

If our standard products do not fit your needs, do not hesitate and ask us: We can deliver any special model accoding to your specification (alloy, size, etc.).